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About the Role:

Each year the Center for Wildlife's busy medical clinic admits more than 2,000 patients across 190 local species. The Medical Clinic Volunteer is a vital role that provides essential wildlife patient support including meal prep and delivery, enclosure and facility cleaning, dishes, laundry, seasonal infant patient feeding, and much more. This is a very physical role for those who enjoy the satisfaction of rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty, and learning more about natural history and the wildlife that lives in our region.

Time Commitment:

One, four-hour shift per week for a minimum of 5-6 months, with the option to return the following season or continue volunteering year-round


  • Highly dependable and punctual

  • Willingness to participate in dirty jobs

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

  • Respect for the needs of vulnerable wildlife patients, including a quiet and stress-free healing environment

  • Ability to learn and adhere to protocols especially regarding medical and safety regulations

  • Comfortable asking questions of staff or apprentices

  • Ability to keep a cool head in uncomfortable or stressful situations


Ready to Make the Commitment? 

Our team will review your application to determine whether we could be a good match for each other. If so, we will follow up to request a brief phone interview to discuss your interests, background, and the role.


If selected, we will invite you for an orientation and training sessions. After that, you'll be an official member of the incredibly valuable Center for Wildlife volunteer team.

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