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adopt an ambassador

By adopting one of our non-releasable animal ambassadors for $25/year, you have a unique opportunity to make a closer connection with an animal. Adoptions also make great gifts for friends or relatives!

Non-releasable wildlife ambassadors here at the Center for Wildlife play a crucial role in educating the public about their species, issues these animals face in the wild and what we can do to help wild animals. Each has a unique story that help our team of educators inform visitors on proper ways to interact with our wild neighbors.


Our ambassadors live in large outdoor habitats that accommodate their needs, and travel to schools, libraries, senior centers, and other places in the community as part of our environmental education programs.


Our inspiring friends also serve as foster parents to wild young of their species, showing them the ropes so that they can return successfully to the wild knowing who they are as a species, and how to survive.


Through your support, these beautiful animals will continue to be the bridge that connects the community to a world that is usually only seen from a distance.

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