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Nature Center Visits



The Center for Wildlife is a place for people of all ages to learn and explore the concepts of empathy, biology, ecology, and the human/wildlife connection through interpretation, direct experiences with nature, and experiential exhibits. 

Our Nature Center and Outdoor Ambassador Enclosures are open for self-guided visits as well as private tours! Our public visits are the perfect opportunity to explore our Nature Center and visit with our ambassador animals at their outdoor enclosures. 

Nature Center Visits are $10 per person. Please keep in mind, our Outdoor Ambassador Enclosures are outside and open to the elements. Please dress accordingly. Drop-ins are now welcome while tickets are available. Reservations are recommended. 


Is CFW campus handicap accessible?

Center for Wildlife Nature Center, outdoor Ambassador Village as well as a short trail are all ADA accessible!

Are Nature Center visits guided?

Our Nature Center visits are self-guided but our staff and volunteers are consistently on-hand to talk about our resident animals and answer questions! If you are interested in a guided tour, check out our Private Tours page!

Can we see animals in care in the Medical Clinic?

To cut down on stress while animals are in care, we only allow public interface with our resident ambassador animals. 

Can we touch or handle the animals?

As part of our mission to educate about proper interactions with wildlife, we do not allow touching or handling of our resident ambassador animals. 

Are my tickets restricted to a specific time slot?

Your Nature Center ticket is good for the entirety of the day in which you reserved! Come by to visit us for as long as you would like between the hours of 10AM-4PM. 

What types of animals will we get to see?

We have a wide variety of ambassador animals at Center for Wildlife including reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds of prey and scavengers! You can find a full list of our resident ambassador animals here.

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