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Thank you for taking action for wildlife!
As detailed during our admissions process, we can only respond to patient checks via the form below.







Step 1.     Click the button below to find the Patient Check Form 
Step 2.     Fill out the Rescuer Information and the admission #
Step 3.     Fill in your donation amount ($5.00 minimum) 

Your donation at any level above $5 helps to cover costs like medical care, food, diagnostics and proper housing for your patient and the next animal in need.
Patient check inquiries are added to a list and responded to in the order they were received.
Plan to receive a phone call from us within 5-7 business days of the patient check request being submitted
Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest in local wildlife and our work. By using this process to check on the animal you rescued we are able to focus our resources on the Wildlife Assistance Hotline, diagnostics, treatment, husbandry, and supportive care of all our patients. We are a 501c3 non-profit that receives no state or federal government funding and we could not do this work without your generous support!

We take pride in offering this information in the comprehensive way that a rescuer expects, and as a result this process can take 20-30 minutes per patient. This includes researching disposition, examination notes, weight, behavior, and current status or reason for passing or humane euthanasia. Due to the volume of injured and orphaned wild animals brought to us, if each rescuer called to check on their patient even just once per week, this would require an additional 40-hour per week position​. Yet we are dedicated to fostering empathy like yours towards wildlife in our community, so this process supports our ability to connect with you! 

First (early!) hatchling! We’ve got over
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