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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Wildlife Care volunteer.

Each year, the Center for Wildlife admits more than 2,400 injured or orphaned animal patients. With a limited budget and only seven paid staff, we rely heavily on wildlife care volunteers to provide assistance in our medical clinic according to seasonal patient loads. We would never be able to manage the number of cases and diversity of species without help from our dedicated and caring volunteers.


Being a volunteer in our medical clinic is extremely rewarding and fun, but it is also a big commitment. Volunteers are asked to put in 4 hrs/week for 3+ months to ensure they are well trained in all areas of wildlife rehabilitation. Most of the duties are physical in nature, so volunteers need to be prepared to be on their feet for four hours and lift up to 50lbs. 


We are all working towards the common goal of providing the best care for our patients in order to expedite the recovery process and get them back to the wild as soon as possible. That being said, we look for individuals who:

  • are dependable and punctual. A missed shift sets the entire clinic back.

  • understand the need to give each animal a quiet, clean, comfortable, and stress-free environment

  • provide supportive care so that patients can receive intensive care from experienced medical staff

  • are excited and motivated to learn natural history and best practices


Because of the large number of animals and variety of species that are admitted to our medical clinic, we have a structured application and training process for our Wildlife Care Volunteers. We take the recruitment and training process seriously, and ask that you please do the same.

  1. Application: Read through the materials below and click the "Apply Now" button to submit your application online. (Please note: Our staff wear many hats. ​Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to process your application and contact you about next steps. We appreciate the interest and your patience!)

  2. Volunteer Orientation: If we believe we'll be a good fit for your interest and experience, we'll invite you to attend an introductory training. This hands-on session will provide an intro to animal care, cleaning, and food prep, as well as an overview of our facility.

  3. Shadow: New volunteers generally shadow a seasoned volunteer or intern for 2-3 shifts.

  4. Dig in and help to care for our 2,400 patients each year!


Please read through the following attachments carefully. When ready, click on the

"Apply Now" button below to submit your application online. If you have any

questions, please contact Tamara Monroe, Volunteer Coordinator at or call 207.361.1400 x103.

"The Center gives me a chance to do something positive, I am able to see the results of all our hard work. Releasing an animal back to the wild, giving it a second chance, is the greatest thrill I have ever experienced." ~Wildlife Care Volunteer



With up to 200 patients in care at one time, and 15-20 new admissions daily during our peak season, our medical clinic can use all the help it can get! 


Flex volunteers pitch in for 2-4 hours at a time to help with dishes, laundry, or grounds-keeping. Unlike Wildlife Care Volunteers, flex volunteers do not require long-term training or commitment.






Once your application is received, our Volunteer Coordinator will call you to get some dates up on the calendar.


Thank you for your help!

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