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To cultivate and strengthen relationships between humans, wildlife and the environment resulting in a healthier, more sustainable community.

To this end, we focus on three goals: 

1. Strengthen our community’s overall health through the interdisciplinary approach of conservation medicine**. ​


2.   Expand community outreach and provide learning opportunities to educate and inspire people of all ages to value the connection between wildlife, human, and environmental health.


3.  Achieve and advance a diverse and viable fundraising strategy, ensuring long-term financial sustainability to support the successful growth and continued demand for our work in the community.

**Conservation medicine within Center for Wildlife is defined as: Combining veterinary medicine and natural history to return local wildlife to their ecosystems, utilizing patient information to support conservation efforts, and contributing data to the study of health relationships at the wildlife, human, environmental junction.

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To instill a sense of understanding, responsibility, and compassion for our natural world leading to a society connected to nature and empowered to take action

Core Activities


Conservation Medicine                      Environmental Education                  Community Empowerment                      Advocacy

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