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Bald Eagle Fledgling Patient

A gorgeous and gigantic patient, this nearly 10 pound female bald eagle fledgling was admitted over the past weekend after she was found struggling in the water in the Shapleigh, ME region. Upon examination we were able to rule out signs of Avian Influenza, she tested positive for trichomoniasis, and upon x-ray we found a slight fracture in her left pubis bone. We almost lost our National Bird in the 19060’s due to the heavy use of pesticides containing DDT, which was later found to be a carcinogen to humans. Thankfully with better regulations against toxins in agriculture, the bald Eagle rebounded and was federally delisted from its endangered status in 2007. Locally, we are seeing bald eagles struggle significantly along with other raptors, waterbirds and seabirds with this highly pathogenic strain of Avian Influenza.

The eagle is currently in the eagle box our Facilities Coordinator, Jeremy, built earlier this year in our ICU. We will be giving medical treatment and supportive care, along with running further diagnostics including lead testing and bloodwork for presence of infection and rodenticides. We are hopeful for this majestic bird.

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