The Center for Wildlife is open for public visitation  

9:00 am - 5:00 pm, 7 days a week!

We are currently CLOSED for self guided tours

We are offering limited GUIDED 

"Quaranteam Tours"

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Every day at 10 EST



If you are interested in visiting with a school group, a classroom, or a group of more

than 10 individuals you will need to email Katie to schedule a private program or tour. 

If you would like to book a private tour or program for a private group or function, please contact Sarah!  Thank you!

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Self Guided Tours

To take a self guided tour, please sign in at the office to drop off your minimum donation of

$5 per person.  

From there you will be given a map and are free to tour our education facility and visit with our 29 non-releasable wild animal ambassadors that live with us in sanctuary.  Please be aware that some of our ambassadors may be out on programming in our community so if you have a specific ambassador to visit, call ahead.  We encourage groups larger than 10 to schedule a private tour.  Please review our code of conduct for your best experience when you come to visit.

Private Tours

We offer both half hour guided tours as well as hour long guided tours of our education facility.  Both require pre-registration and scheduling.  Our half hour tours are $50.00 and our hour long tours are $100.  These tours consist of one of our educators touring you around our education facility and introducing you to our 29 non-releasable wild animal ambassadors that live with us in sanctuary.  These educators work closely with our ambassadors and will give you an up close and personal introduction. To book a private tour for a school group,  please email our Resident Environmental Educator, KatieFor private functions, groups, and family tours, please contact Sarah 

Docent Tours

Seasonally we offer Docent Tours on Saturdays and Sundays.  These tours do not require prior registration or sign up.  There is a minimum $5 donation per person.  These tours consist of one of our Docents touring you around our education facility and introducing you to our 29 non-releasable wild animal ambassadors that live with us in sanctuary.  Our Docents work with our ambassadors regularly and are able to provide you with a personal introduction to these amazing animals and share stories about them. To check on availability of Docent Tours, please check our calendar and upcoming events page HERE

Scheduled Programs

From Summer Series to winter Owl Prowls, Trick or Treat with Ambassadors to Holiday Bazaar, Pop Up Programs and more, there is always something happening at the Center for Wildlife.  Admission for programming varies upon the program and just by attending a program you are helping to support the work that we do!  Thank you!

 Please check our calendar and upcoming events page HERE  to learn about what fantastic events are happening this month!  Depending upon the program, there may be pre-registration required.  

Behavior Expectations and Code of Conduct

Please remember that you are visiting our ambassadors in their home.  Our ambassadors are permanently injured wild animals that live their lives with us in sanctuary and help to connect and educate our community with wildlife.  We hold our ambassadors in very high regard and respect.  Thank you for treating them the same way.  Quiet and calm bodies and voices allow your visit to be successful for both you and our ambassadors.  Thank you for following the rules listed below.

  • DO take your time and ask questions

  • DO enjoy observing our wildlife ambassadors in their homes

  • DO take photographs, but NO flash photography

  • NO running     

  • NO music 

  • NO yelling   

  • NO putting of anything (food, fingers or other) into enclosures or banging on enclosures

  • NO taunting of animals wild or in enclosures

If breaking of these rules is observed either in person or via our security cameras, you may be asked to leave

Important things to know

  • We do NOT have facilities onsite from November through May

  • We are a carry in/carry out facility

  • You are more than welcome to have snacks or lunch as our picnic tables May through October

  • Bringing hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and water would be prudent

  • Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather and variations in weather

  • We are in the woods and on a watershed.  Wearing bug spray and appropriate clothing for the season would be prudent

Physical Address

385 Mountain Road, Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 620, Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Call Us

(207) 361-1400