virtual learning experiences

Join Center for Wildlife for engaging and exciting virtual experiences!

Virtual Classroom Bring Us to YOU!

We are proud to offer virtual learning for our community through options like Google Meet, Google Classroom and more! 


Bring our educators and wild animal ambassadors to you, virtually!  We will present our exciting and engaging programming for you and also be able to answer questions.  You can choose from our offerings of Environmental Education Programs or you can also request a customized program. This is a wonderful option for school groups as well as nursing homes and assisted living homes!

If you are interested in setting up an online ecology based program, please contact Katie at for more information!

For planning purposes - here is our line up!

Morning Meeting with Wildlife Ambassadors Facebook LIVE!

Wednesday 3/18: - Sarah and Henry, the North American porcupine

Thursday 3/19: Kristen L. and Gaia, the great horned owl

Friday 3/20: Sarah and Ophelia, the Virginia opossum

Saturday 3/21: Katie B and Skeeter, the Eastern gray squirrel

Sunday 3/22: Kristen B. and Zipper, the corn snake

Monday 3/23: Kristen L. Guided Vernal Pool Exploration

Tuesday 3/24: Kristen Brew and Percy, the peregrine falcon

Wednesday 3/25: Katie B and Fern, the barred owl

Thursday 3/26: Sarah and Violet, the turkey vulture

Friday 3/27: Sarah and Bertram, the common raven

Saturday 3/28: Katie B and Betty and Brownie, the big brown bats

Sunday 3/29: Kristen B. and Dante, the American crow

Monday 3/30: Kristen L.- Beaver Walk and Talk

Tuesday 3/31: Kristen B. and Blossom, the painted turtle

Morning Meeting with Wildlife Ambassadors Facebook Live and YouTube!

School is closed and kids are home, let us help make your children’s (and your) hiatus from school fun and educational!

Join us for a Morning Meeting with Wildlife Ambassadors Facebook Live each day at 10am EST where we will highlight one of our amazing wildlife ambassadors or neighbors! Are you learning about habitats virtually? Does part of your curriculum involve learning about our native species? We would like to welcome you to an up and in (virtual) person opportunity to meet our wildlife ambassadors as well as be able to ask questions of their caregivers!

Don’t have access to social media? No worries! All videos will be posted on our website YouTube link shortly after the Facebook Live ends.

We look forward to learning and laughing with you! Virtual connection is a real thing, and what a great opportunity to explore!  YouTube link -

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