Wildlife belong to all of us, and everyone reaps the rewards from local wild animals. Whether its the joy you feel watching an owl or a gold finch, or the important role our native species play in preventing the spread of diseases by managing insect and rodent populations. When an animal becomes injured, there is no state, federal, municipal, or private agency that is charged with rescuing or caring for it.

We must all feel empowered to take action. But remember, you are not alone. Our Wildlife Specialists are available to provide guidance and instruction for the safe capture and transport to our clinic. Just call our Wildlife Assistance Hotline at 207.361.1400. Our staff is available from 9:00a - 5:00p every day of the year.

Center for Wildlife is unable to provide pickup and transport for animals.


The sad reality is that there is no state or federal funding available for this work. Therefore, Center for Wildlife operates on a very limited operating budget and has a very small paid staff. We also only have one vehicle, which is used to transport our current animal patients to our volunteer veterinarian for x-rays or advanced care, or to transport our animal ambassadors and Project Wild educators to education and outreach programs around the Seacoast. 

The Center services a 100-mile radius of York, ME. If our staff or volunteers left to pick up animals within our service area, we would be unable to provide high level care to our patients in care. Nor would we be able to respond to calls on our Wildlife Assistance Hotline or admit new patients in that absence. We will provide excellent professional care to the animals once they are brought to our clinic, but we do rely on the public to provide that one piece of the puzzle. 


All wild animals are potentially dangerous. They view humans as large predators and their instinct is to defend themselves.

Should you decide to approach the animal, use caution, wear heavy leather gloves, and call our Wildlife Assistance Hotline at 207.361.1400 to speak with a Wildlife Specialist. Our Specialists can provide species-specific advice on capturing the animal safely. 


Keep rescued animals in warm, dark, quiet places, away from humans or pets. 


Remember: all mammals can carry rabies or potential zoonotic diseases. If you suspect an animal is rabid, call your town's animal control officer for help.

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