Renest and Renewal:  Returning to Nature and Restoring Connections

To say that the past two years have been a challenge is an understatement!  Together our society has braved a novel virus, shutdowns, economic uncertainty, and political unrest.  One thing that has not changed is human’s core connection to nature, and the positive impact it has on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Thanks to community support, Center for Wildlife was not only able to remain open every day to serve wildlife and the community during a global pandemic, we were also able to complete funding, construction, and operational transition to our brand new facility.  The results have been a vast improvement in providing care for patients, retaining competitive staff, hosting interns and apprentices from across the country, and the start of hosting nature center visitors, school field trips, adult naturalist programs and so much more. 

Now that our indoor space is resolved and basic campus needs for occupancy have been installed, construction is underway and wrapping up for our ambassadors to move to the new facility (finally!), we now turn to Phase 2 in our multi-year project.    

What: Features of our “Renest and Renewal” Project

•    Improved trails and boardwalks to connect with specialized habitats
•    Outdoor exhibits like a Bird Blind and Life-Sized Nest
•    Children’s natural play area
•    Native plantings and erosion control
•    Electric vehicle charging stations
•    Removing the building, septic, well, electrical, and all outbuildings          from the former facility 
•    Returning disturbed property back to natural
•    Engineering and installing a natural berm to protect water quality
•    Replacing older and non-functioning songbird, aquatic species, and mammal enclosures 

Why: Recent studies in the emergent field of ecopsychology show that time in nature can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.  Loss of time in nature translates to a decline in value of self and the environment. The past several years with severe storms and emergent disease show us now more than ever how important it is to steward our wildlife, environmental, and human health. 


Goals and features of the Renest and Renewal will allow us to better perform our work for wildlife and the community, along with providing a safe and beautiful space in nature for our patients, ambassadors, and visitors to slow down and connect.  

How:  The Renest and Renewal project will cost $850,000 to complete, and we’ve already secured $40,000 through pledges, grants, local business, and individual support.  Contact Carolyn to set up a tour and discuss a major gift or naming opportunity today! 

Gift Information:

207-361-1400 ext. 107

Via Website:  Click here

Via Mail: Center for Wildlife, P.O. Box 620, Cape Neddick ME 03902 (Renest and Renewal Campaign in Memo)