Imagine sitting quietly at the base of a mountain, listening to great horned owls call and seeing the sparkle of the night sky.  Or meeting a North American porcupine in a sensory garden alive with pollinating flowers, learning how these species are the gardeners of our local forest.  Where can this happen?  At Center for Wildlife’s new facility and campus! 

Our community came together to help us solve our indoor space issues and helped to build the facility of our dreams.  Now it’s time to turn to the campus and outdoor space.  In the midst of a global pandemic where our community is turning to nature like never before, the timing to complete this need is just right. Our first priority is moving our beloved ambassadors to our new facility and keeping them safe, secure, and back for viewing by our visitors. But this project is so much more.  

Screenshot (1).png

7. Raptor Enclosure

8. Turtle Enclosure

9. Mammal Enclosure

10. Wildflower Meadow

11. Pollinator Garden & Lanterns

12. Turtle Crossing & Signage

1. Raptor Enclosure

2. Bird Blind

3. Kiosk 

4. Pavilion

5. Mud Kitchen

6. Natural Playground

Recent studies in the emergent field of ecopsychology show that time in nature can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.  At the same time, loss of time in nature translates to a decline in value of self, environment, along with empathy towards wildlife and humans. 


Our goals and features of the Rooted in Nature Project will allow us to better perform our work for wildlife and the community, along with providing a safer, more accessible and inspiring space for our patients, ambassadors, and visitors.  

The Rooted in Nature project will cost $250,000 to complete, and we’ve already secured $174,325 in pledges, grants, and in-kind support. 


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207-361-1400 ext. 107

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Via Mail: Center for Wildlife, P.O. Box 620, Cape Neddick ME 03902 (Rooted in Nature Campaign in Memo)