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The Nature Center at the Center for Wildlife

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Nature Center Features

  • A life size replica of a tree as the centerpiece of the room

  • A community created library and reading area that will carry nature inspired books for all ages to enjoy and be enriched by.  This area will promote literacy through a book nook or nest and quiet reading-together activities to be enjoyed individually or alongside peers and families.  We would love to accept your donation of books or you can visit our wish list here

  • A Scent Station and hands on bio-parts such as foot replicas, pelts, and skulls, will allow for hands on learning and use of senses to create knowledge, connection and memories

  • Our Mini-Medical Clinic will allow our community members to role play and care for wild (stuffed animal) patients, looking at x-rays and wrapping legs and wings with vet wrap.  Dramatic play and use of imagination as well as is an incredibly powerful mode of learning for all ages allowing for children to “try on” a variety of roles and perspectives

  • Our Dress Up Area provides a social play setting that will include custom created costumes and props such as wings, tails, feet, and ears for children (and adults!) to dress up in and become some of the wild animals that we see at the Center.  By stepping into these costumes, our community members will be able to put themselves in the place of the animal, creating empathy through copying movement and actions. 

  • Our Vernal Pool Exhibit will help our community to practice the gentle exploration of a rich habitat that is often overlooked and undervalued. Learning about the hidden communities of wildlife that share these fragile ecosystems and how unique and fascinating they are as well as how they add to the health of our environment and ourselves will bring these “puddles” and their importance to life.  For an added auditory experience, the chorus of wood frogs and other species found by vernal pools will also be incorporated.

Community Need and Goals

Nature Centers have been connecting people to their environment since 1920 when the first one opened in Yellowstone.  Our nature center will offer an up close and personal opportunity to interact with wildlife and the environment, and will spark or re-ignite curiosity, passion, and stewardship toward local ecosystems for our community. As development of natural spaces increases, so does a need for and desire to conserve and protect wildlife for learning about, connecting with, and protecting the natural world.  Based on current visitation, programming, and feedback from the public, we conservatively expect over 20,000 visitors within our first year. 

Our Nature Center will be a gateway to learning, offering our community direct experiences with nature and through interpretation, natural science and art education.  Our new facility and Nature Center have been designed to compliment the beauty and ecological uniqueness of our natural setting, snuggled at the base of Mt. Agamenticus on the seacoast in Maine and will be an incredible resource for our community and region.

We are excited to be able to begin to accept donations to our Nature Center, making this phenomenal space a truly community created resource. 


Below is wishlist of items for the nature center. 

click here to visit our amazon wishlist and choose an item to Donate Today!


Acorn Naturalist items

Frog eggs

Frog replicas

Salamander egg replica

Salamander replica

Display Cases

Magnifying glasses


Lab coats

Log pillows 

Rock pillows

Hexagonal dividers 

Wooden frog percussion

Natural stacking toy

Area rugs

Microscope and slide

Art supplies

Tubs for storage

Magnifying boxes



Hammock swings

Glue sticks

For Naming Opportunities, please contact Kristen Lamb, Executive Director, at

For donations of materials please contact Sarah Kern, Community Engagement Specialist at

Fake plants

Real plants

Carpet squares


Tempra paint




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