Helping wildlife at home

There are many easy ways you can help preserve and protect wildlife!



  • Keep your cat(s) indoors

  • Pull the shades on your windows to avoid bird window strikes

  • Put raptor silhouette stickers on your windows to prevent songbird window strikes

  • Plant native plants

  • Avoid the use of pesticides, insecticides, and rodenticides

  • Keep standing snags - these are terrific homes for wildlife!

  • Delay tree work until November - nesting season now extends from March to November, so it's best to conduct tree work in late fall or early spring


  • Attend town meetings (Planning Board, Board of Selectment, Conservation Commission)

  • Support conservation and your local environmental nonprofits

  • Learn about and advocate for the Dark Skies Initiative

  • Help educate others on the important roles wildlife play, and tips for coexistence

  • Spend time outdoors, enjoying nature!


  • Eat organic 

  • Avoid GMO foods and products

  • Eat sustainably harvested foods

  • Buy from eco-conscious companies or 1% for the Planet businesses

  • Reduce energy use and use of fossil fuels

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