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baby animal support volunteer


About the role:

Each year Center for Wildlife's busy Medical Clinic admits around 2,500 animals across 190 different species. The Baby Animal Support Volunteer is a vital role that provides essential wildlife patient feeding and support specific to our baby mammals and birds. This is a busy and rewarding role for those who love working with our youngest patients. 

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Time Commitment:

One four-hour shift per week for three months minimum.

After baby animal season, this role can transfer into a

Clinic Volunteer Role.


Highly dependable and punctual.

Willingness to participate in dirty jobs.

Ability to lift 20 pounds.

Ability to sit or stand for up to 4 hours, sometimes in one place.

Respect for needs of vulnerable wildlife patients, including a quiet and stress-free healing environment. 

Ability to adhere to medical and safety procedures and protocol.

Comfortable asking questions of staff and apprentices.

Ability to keep a cool head in uncomfortable or stressful situations. 

Click here for full position description.

Ready to Make the Commitment? 

Our team will review your application to determine whether we could be a good match for each other. If so, we will follow up to request a brief phone interview to discuss your interests, background, and the role. 

If selected, we will invite you for an orientation and then training sessions, followed by a final assessment. After that, you'll be an official member of the incredibly valuable Center for Wildlife volunteer team.

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