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Volume II: The Story of Edna Edna Book

Meet Edna, a Hemlock-eating North American albino porcupine who works at the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine. Children of all ages will love reading Edna's story while they learn about the habits and habitats of the North American porcupine. Edna's touching story is told with humor and compassion through the words and illustrations of the students in the York, Maine schools. The story includes fascinating facts about North American porcupines, some tips for approaching and rescuing animals in the wild, and Edna's own story of her separation from her mother and the new friends she makes at the Center for Wildlife - and in classrooms all across the United States. The book closes with fascinating porcupine facts and with a reflection of what wildlife and humans can learn from each other.

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Volume I: The Story of Freyja Freyja's book

Written and illustrated by local elementary and middle school students, the Story of Freyja follows the journey of our permanent peregrine falcon ambassador. Beginning in her nest, this hilarious and heartfelt book details the story of Freyja's life, how she came to be an ambassador for her species at the Center for Wildlife, and lots of great information on peregrine falcons, endangered species, and DDT.

This book is available now for purchase through Create Space. Click here to purchase.



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CSImaginings- Original Inkwork by Catherine Smith

About the Artist..

Catherine first began painting and drawing wildlife in high school. Since graduating with her BFA in illustration from RISD in 2004, Catherine has returned to wildlife painting. However, upon this return to a wildlife subject matter she chosen not to focus on the traditional, subject in environment setup, but to capture the essence and character of the subject. With every painting, her goal is to invoke a sense whimsy, fun and charm. There is nothing more rewarding than the smile on a viewer’s face.

Catherine was recently inspired by our work and contacted us about a tour and possible partnership. We were immediately drawn to her artwork, and she came up to meet our beautiful ambassadors and see our work. The result of her visit is the wonderful inkwork listed below (she absolutely captured "Freyja" our peregrine falcon's sweet eyes and facial expression!). Catherine is generously donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each image listed. To learn more about Catherine or to visit her website click here.

Click on the image for a larger view. All pricing includes shipping and handling, and the inkwork is printed on 8.5X11 museum quality paper.

"Falcon, Peregrine"- Signed Original

Peregrine Inkwork

Image © Catherine Smith,


"Hawk, Broad-Winged"- Signed Original

Broad-winged Inkwork

Image © Catherine Smith,


"Owl- Evil Eye"- Original Inkwork

Owl Inkwork

Image © Catherine Smith,


"Majestic Bear"- Original Inkwork

Bear Inkwork

Image © Catherine Smith,


"Turtle"- Signed Original

Turtle- Inkwork

Image © Catherine Smith,



"The beauty of Maine and it’s wildlife inhabitants have always had a special place in my heart ever since the first time I visited when I was in high school with my parents."
- Catherine Smith